• Kichange is the hip new alternative to the stars and happy faces of behavior charts of the past.
    It's allowance ...without that pesky money part.

    Kids earn Kichange for doing things like being ready for school on time and completing chores and homework and redeem it for screentime and other rewards. "Kichange Rates," the number of Kichange necessary for a given reward, are set by each family according to the family’s particular needs and values. For families that want more structure, the weekly checklist can be used as a guide to help keep kids organized and on track each day. For families that value flexibility, the colorful Kichange tokens, alone, provide a fun way to keep kids motivated to make regular contributions to family life.

  • The Kichange system consists of a notebook that comes with: 
    • a set of 25 tokens
    • a daily checklist (to record how your kid will earn Kichange)
    • a notepad for recording "Kichange rates" (how your kid will spend Kichange) 
    • a weekly journal for your child to write detailed examples of positive behavior and
    • for a limited time, while supplies last, a handy Kichange wallet as an additional storage option.


  • Parents who have used Kichange are saying...

    "Chase is rushing to get his chores and homework done."

    — Angela, mother of 10 y.o. boy

    "My daughter is brushing her teeth regularly for the first time!"

    — Erin, mother of 8 y.o. girl

    "The Kichange journal is genius!"

    — Brad, father of 5 y.o. boy

    Coming soon...the Kichange app!

    Coming soon...
    the Kichange app!

    Do you want to teach your child how to use technology to cultivate happiness and self-awareness? The Kichange app is being developed to help you do just that.
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